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Marius Niveri

11/22/2001 Hamburg, Germany

Hi, I am Marius Niveri, a German based Web Developer. I love building intuitive user experiences on the web, creating deep neural networks and solving all kinds of problems in general.

My Work

I've also listed a few projects I've been working on so far. Most of the stuff I do, I upload to GitHub. For other random stuff check out my Codepen.


MNGED is a Progressive Web App which helps students to keep track of their daily study life. To learn more about it, visit its GitHub Repo.

Screenshot of managed

Firechattr 🔥

Firechattr is a small chat app I build while expaining why Preact + Firebase is damn fun in an article I wrote: Building this app only took me 3 hours from start to finish thanks to Firebase.

Rick 'n' Morty Characters

One of the first PWA's I build. It displays a few characters from the TV show "Rick and Morty" and also features a search function. It is available on Codepen.

Screenshot of the rick and morty character app


I also host a TeamSpeak³ server on Linux Debian. I have written a few extensions for the bots on the server, a website with live-updating information and modified a dashboard with many stats about the server.

Currently I have around 55 unique daily active users and about 300 unique users a month.